Furniture Depot


Consignment Information

Here you will find several notes to help you get started with consigning. Remember that the better the condition and cleanliness of the item, the better price you will get in return. Don't forget to clean under, inside, on rims and edges, and all upholstery before bringing in for evaluation. An initial $5 fee is charged for beginning an account with us.


Pricing is done by mutual agreement. Most of our consigners rely on us to price their items since we have an excellent idea of what it takes to sell an item. If any of your items have special or unusual value, let us know so that we can factor that into our pricing.

Getting More for Your Items

Items must be ready for floor presentation, please clean your items before bringing them in. Remove dirt, dust, fingerprints etc. Please clean off any webs from underneath your furniture also.

Inspect each item carefully. Cloth items should have no rips, tears or stains. Glass items should have no cracks or chips, and should cleaned. Wood products can be enhanced with Old English. Check that all the screws are tightened. Loose joints should be re-glued. Also please vacuum under the cushions. Just imagine yourself buying this item.

Lamps should have working light bulbs, clocks and watches must be working.  Pictures must be ready to hang.

Items that sell have these qualities: eye appeal, quality, clean, and fair price.